What You Can Learn from This Cryptocurrency’s 1,000,000% Gain

If you pay any attention to the world of cryptocurrency, you’ve probably noticed that the market has produced some amazing winners over the past couple years.

For instance, twice in bitcoin’s history, a preprogrammed event has taken place that caused its price to soar into the stratosphere.

We’ve talked about this event, known as “the halvening.” Basically, after bitcoin undergoes a halvening, the market receives half of the daily supply of new bitcoins. If supply drops and demand holds up or rises – and it will – prices increase. It’s simple economics.

In the months that followed the first halvening in November 2012, the bitcoin price rose 2,135%.

Look at this chart to see what happened to bitcoin following the second halvening that began on July 9, 2016…

Another halvening is in the works, slated to take place in only about two weeks. It’s a big reason I’m so bullish on cryptos right now… and why now is the time to get in position.

But as big as that is, there’s another crypto catalyst I’m even more excited about.

It has to do with what the industry calls altcoins – as in alternatives to bitcoin. You can think of these cryptocurrencies as unicorn startups (private companies valued at more than $1 billion) with a lot more room to run. They’re the future Zoom Video Communications (ZM)… Teladoc Health (TDOC)… and SpaceX – blazing an independent path alongside industry heavy hitters like bitcoin.

I’m even more excited about altcoins because some have done exponentially better than bitcoin following its halvenings.

After the first halvening, those who bought Primecoin, a lesser-known cryptocurrency, saw their investment soar 3,708% from July to November 2013.

After the second halvening, check out what happened to an altcoin called Verge. The crypto with a focus on online privacy shot up an unbelievable 1,362,400%!

In a 12-month span, that growth rate would have turned $5,000 into a staggering $68 million.

With that kind of money, you and your children and your children’s children would be set for life. You’d never have to work another day.

Another Chance at Massive Gains

As you can see, choosing the correct altcoin resulted in much larger payouts than just simply purchasing bitcoin. It all boils down to the way you should view the best altcoins – as some of the most valuable, most revolutionary computer programs ever created.

In 2017, the media was filled with stories of people who invested small sums in the cryptocurrency market… yet made enough money that they never had to work again!

We’re about to see a repeat of all that. What’s coming will be an extraordinary chance to “fast forward” your plans for reaching financial freedom.

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