Markets Will Never Be the Same – Let’s Talk About How to Profit

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions have brought the matter into clear focus.

The world’s economy has, essentially, been shut down. The Federal Reserve has injected well over $2 trillion of stimulus to get things moving again. Add in the government stimulus and the total is greater than $6 trillion. My opinion has been that the total will exceed $10 trillion when all is said and done.

When the dust settles, one emerging risk is that the mass cash infusion could lead to inflation… and the U.S. dollar to fall further in value.

All around the world, people are sick and tired of their leaders debasing their currency. Case in point: Today, the dollar is worth roughly HALF what it was worth in 1990. Saving is becoming practically impossible, since we’ve also been saddled with ultra-low (even negative) interest rates.

Cryptocurrencies are one solution to that.

They can also help with cutting out the middleman.

Are you sick of paying all sorts of hidden fees to price-gouging middlemen for everyday services that no longer require the money-hungry thieves?

Fighting inflation and cutting out the middlemen are just two problems that blockchain technology – and its best-known application: cryptocurrency – exists to solve.

Everyone will benefit from blockchain technology over time – but only a few early, in-the-know investors have the chance to earn potentially life-changing profits if they act soon. That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in a few hours at my 2020 Crypto Millionaire Summit: Last Call. Remember, it’s tonight at 7 p.m. ET.

I’m not the only one who sees the incredible power and potential here. There’s been an explosion in new cryptocurrencies over the past 10 years since bitcoin – the largest cryptocurrency – first came on the scene.

In addition to bitcoin, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies available, from Ethereum to Litecoin, as well as some other interesting options – like Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency named for an internet dog meme… and GARY, named in honor of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and his 2016 presidential campaign with the Libertarian Party.

It’s entertaining to ponder all the different cryptos that are out there today, but not all are created equal. Only a handful possess the kind of life-changing potential we’re after.

Remember, blockchain is a seriously world-changing technology, and we’re just at the beginning of its historic potential.

This is exactly the type of hypergrowth investment that can make investors fortunes. So, the question is: How exactly do I invest responsibly – and profitably – in this revolutionary technology?

To answer that question, I’ve developed a proprietary system of 10 criteria for finding great cryptocurrency investments.

For example, one of the key benefits to a cryptocurrency transaction is that it is “peer to peer” – no middlemen. It’s also anonymous. This makes it nearly impossible to hack. But it also gives it a shady reputation with people who don’t really understand this market.

Here’s something about a cryptocurrency that’s NOT anonymous: its founders. Who’s on the team behind the project? Are they established entrepreneurs with a history of success? Are they experts with a strong network within the industry the cryptocurrency operates in?

Those are critical questions when investing in a stock. And they are critical questions when investing in cryptos. It’s just one of the factors my system assesses. I created it with the help of one of America’s first crypto miners, and I really believe it’s a breakthrough in the crypto space.

I look forward to talking with you. We’ll discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the vast opportunity we have today, the philosophy behind my proprietary system, and why now is the best time to buy.


If you missed out on bitcoin’s fantastic run-up in 2013 or 2017, today is your chance to position yourself for life-changing cryptocurrency profits.

Our 2020 Crypto Millionaire Summit: Last Call gets underway at 7 p.m. ET tonight. Your spot is reserved, and you’ll receive email around 6:45 on how to log in and access the event.

I’ll talk to you then!